Regal Harvest Basmati Rice

Direct from the Foothills of the Himalayas, Regal Harvest Basmati Rice is from the 1121 basmati hybrid which is considered to be the best of the basmati hybrids. Regal Harvest has a light flowery aroma with hints of baked wood and a delicate nutty flavor. The 1121 basmati hybrid is longer in length, making it stronger so it consistently produces a light and fluffy product each time it is prepared.

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What is Basmati Rice

Basmati rice is a fragrant long grain rice that has a distinctive and appealing flavor which is different from other varieties of rice. Available in both white and brown versions, the rice is named after the Sanskrit word for "the fragrant one" that can also be interpreted "soft rice". Rice of this type is cultivated in India and in Pakistan, and harvested from rice paddies in the same manner as other varieties of rice.

There are two other characteristics that distinguish the product from other forms of rice. First, the grains are longer than even other types of long grain rice. Second, the grains do not tend to stick together while cooking or even later during serving. The end result is rice with pleasant aroma, flavorful, soft and ideal for serving alone or as part of a recipe.

People who enjoy rice but need to watch blood glucose levels often find consuming basmati rice preferable to other types of rice. The glycemic index for basmati rice is usually several points lower than other kinds of rice. This means that a single serving of this rice is much less likely to cause a spike in blood sugar levels while still providing the consumer with the nutrients found in all types of rice.

Why Regal Harvest Basmati Rice

  • Each Bag contains 100% Pure Basmati
  • Basmati Rice yields up to 30% more than Regular Rice
  • Basmati Rice is the best choice for diabetics
  • Basmati Rice is a super grain
  • Basmati Rice is non-allergenic and gluten free
  • Basmati Rice contains 8 essential amino acids and folic acid
  • Basmati's long grain produces a light and fluffy product each time it is prepared
  • Regal Harvest is the Best Basmati

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