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Private Label

Establishing a private label partnership with BMA USA, Inc. allows our clients to bring a product to market without compromising their vision or facing hefty upfront capital costs. A private label partnership puts our many years of industry experience, extensive technical resources, and boundless creative energy at your disposal, so you don’t have to worry about costly missteps or time-intensive legwork.

Our logistical and infrastructure investments are your return: Rapid order fulfillment and maximized inventory turnover ensure that our clients enjoy a significant marketplace advantage. Our strong relationship with our network of growers and manufacturers, as well as our direct import capabilities, allows us to guarantee that our clients consistently receive a superior product and price.

Our clients’ long-term prosperity is the best testament to what a partnership with BMA USA can do for your product. By choosing us for your private label needs, you too can feel confident that you’ve selected a discreet, experienced partner firmly committed to your success.

Global Sourcing

Here at BMA, product sourcing is truly an international affair. By maintaining strong relationships with growers and manufacturers throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia, we can craft your vision from the finest the world has to offer, while our direct import capabilities and extensive experience with FDA and import regulations let us bring it right to you, hassle-free. With many years of combined industry experience, our team is ready and able to meet all of our clients’ sourcing needs.

Packaging & Brand Design

Extensive creative and manufacturing capabilities, not to mention comprehensive practical experience in branding and design, keep us well-equipped to take your vision from concept to finished product. From branding and label design to prototyping, sourcing and manufacturing bespoke bottles, containers and packaging, we are fully equipped to handle our clients’ creative and manufacturing needs.

Custom Blending

BMA USA takes special pride in the breadth of our practical expertise regarding edible oils. Our clients take advantage of our background through our custom oil blending service. Whether it’s combining multiple varietals of the same oil or fusing different types altogether, we take painstaking care to ensure that the final product matches identically the color, aroma, and flavor profiles our client has envisioned. As our client, you can also take confidence in our team’s ability to guide you through the manufacturing process. Years of experience have given us the insight necessary to handle technical or regulatory challenges with ease.


From small boutique projects to large mass-market orders, no demand is too challenging for BMA’s state-of-the-art bottling and packaging systems. For our clients, high efficiency doesn’t translate to high cost. We strive to ensure the technology available to you is not only the most advanced, but also the most cost-effective. We are proud of our ability to meet all of our clients’ filling needs.


By taking advantage of our regional, nationwide, and international distribution experience, our clients can shift the burden of managing complicated logistical challenges without sacrificing the confidence that their products will arrive at their destination in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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